For the assembly of roller conveyors of any length and width. Conveyed goods cannot move sideways due to the lateral guides.

Gliding element with holder hole for tools, device balancers and the likes Gliding guides in the profile groove.

Elastic element or the waterproof fastening and closure of flat elements in profile groove.

4mm to 6mm thick plastic element to cover profile groove or to form the edge of surfaces. Assembled by pressing into profile groove.

For attaching cables without an additional cable tie; can be opened and closed.

Attachment element for hoses and cables. Attach by pressing into the profile groove and then turning by 90°. Cables and hoses are attached by using cable ties.

The element produces an electrical, conducting connection within the profile construction. On constructing this element, the protective layer of Eloxal is destroyed and therefore has a neutralizing effect on the charge potential.

For attaching field elements of between 2 and 9 mm thickness in the groove. Suitable for clamping profile 32x18.

These screwdrivers are specially adjusted to match the section catch in their specifi cation. They make it easier to tighten the screws and in the process guarantee optimal connection fastness. For screws which are tightened by a section bolt the pivoting angle can be halved (30°) by using both arms of the Allen key.