Safety fences, lift and roller gates

Safety fence system: Flexible Safety 30

With our two extremely flexible and easy to assemble aluminium safety fence systems (series 30 and 40) we design and build, in the shortest possible time, a cost-efficient solution that meets your specific requirements (and of course, also those of the European Machinery Directive).

Thanks to our modular system with its wide range of fill elements, doors, gates and locking systems, our safety fences can be adapted, visually and from a safety point of view, to your site – and extended as and when needed.

Load test: The pendulum test (test weight: 80 kg,  impact speed: 10 km/h, fill material: wave grid, polycarbonate) was passed successfully.

Highly efficient system based on the Alváris profile range 8 / grid dimension 30 mm
Two standard systems: total height 2,000 / 2,200 mm incl. 180 mm ground clearance
Very short delivery times, also for customer-specific solutions
Very easy to assemble; assembly by Alváris personnel on request


The newly developed safety fence foot made of galvanised steel facilitates neat installation even with very uneven ground.
Angle with fixed lug

Doors / Gates

Single door
Double door
Sliding door
Lift gate
Roller gate